Conversations with Jerk Brain: The saga continues

Jerk Brain: You’re doing so well these days. I can’t stand it.

Me: I know, right?!? I’m engaged with living and optimistic about the future.

JB: Don’t remind me. It’s awful.

Me: You cannot be serious.

JB: We used to have so much fun together. Wake up with simmering insecurity, spend our days outrageously overcompensating… <stares off into the distance>

Me: How can you be wistful for some of the worst times in my life?

JB: <looking incredulous> Are you really asking that?

Me: No. But, yes. But, shut up!

JB: Look, girl. I’ve got one job to do. Make you so focused on your own perceived shortcomings and weaknesses that you cannot live your purpose or enjoy your life. Just a little off my game right now is all. But, don’t worry, I’ll get back to form. You’ll be a mess again in no time.

Me: Nah. Don’t think so.

JB: You’re a jerk.

Me: I know.

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