Not up for debate

A few people have asked me why I leave politics out of my blog. It isn’t because I don’t have opinions–I do–or because I am afraid that my statements would alienate some of my readers–I don’t care. I write this blog because it is part of my recovery. It helps me to process and record what I am learning through therapy. It keeps me accountable to myself and engaged with how I am feeling. That other people find what I write helpful to them in their journeys is something I celebrate. I am glad to know that I can contribute to others’ healing.

When I think about all of the spaces I used to occupy in life, I was performing a character in just about all of them. I was contorting myself into the persona that I thought was most desirable. It was never about or for me. As a result, I lost myself in my various roles.

As I emerge from the major depressive episode that gripped me for over two years, I realize just how important it is for me to stake out spaces where I can simply be myself.

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