Ring around

Some days are harder than others. Everything feels hard and hope is in short supply. The more time I spend in therapy, the better I get at recognizing the environmental stimuli that presage these emotions. When I’m alone for long stretches or my to do list grows unbearably long with things I find little to no pleasure in doing, that’s when Jerk Brain finds an opening.

Several years ago, pre-pandemic, in the so-called before times, I purchased matching bracelets for me and one of my best girlfriends. They are simple, thin stainless steel cuffs. The outside is just polished steel. On the inside, in block letters, the inscription reads, “Beautiful girl, you can do hard things.”

There’s something about having that message pressed up against my skin that helps me believe its words. Although it is tough, I know it is true. I can do hard things. I have done hard things before and I will do them again.

Still, it’s nice to have a reminder.

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