Early to bed

Over the past few months, my bedtime has been getting later and later. Although I’m not getting up at 4:30am to go workout, as I did in the Before times, I still have kids who go to school and wake up early. As a result, I’ve not been getting as much sleep as I should be.

I’m trying to start slowly moving up my bedtime. Knowing that I cannot transition from going to sleep at midnight to going to sleep at 10pm overnight (sorry!), I’ve been making incremental changes over the course of this week. So far, so good.

I’ve definitely observed that sleep supports my recovery and overall wellness. However, I have not been as intentional as I want to be in prioritizing it. I think that it relates to the overall theme of downplaying. For a long time, I took it as a badge of honor that I could survive on little sleep. By sleeping less, I could do more. But, it wasn’t healthy and ended up being counterproductive.

I’m trying to think of sleep as a kind of fuel, like food. It is something that gives my body energy. As such, I need to make sure that I am getting a healthy amount of it. My new perspective on sleep is another sign of growth and healing. Another step forward.

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