About a month back, I concluded that my increased dose of Wellbutrin was helping. However, I detected that there was still a gap between what the medication was doing and what I needed from it to abate my depression. After consultation with my psychiatrist, we concluded that I might be missing the dopamine and endorphin boost I used to get from running. In the Before Time, I was an avid runner (although I admit that I have not enjoyed long runs since my running buddy moved away a couple of years ago). The places where I enjoy and feel safe running are not currently accessible to me.

I get a lot from my near-daily boot camp-style workouts, but they are not comparable to the heavy cardio session I get from running. In search of a solution, and possibly a little jealous of all of my neighbors who have recently acquired Pelotons, I got myself a bicycle trainer. It easily connects with the road bike I already have and, at less than a tenth of the price of a Peloton bike, it suits my frugal side. I’ve been spending about an hour a day pedaling away in the garage. I emphasize speed over resistance, getting my heartrate up to the point that it mimics my exertion level with running. The results have been quite promising so far. I’m sleeping better. I feel more awake and alert at appropriate times. It doesn’t give me the “runner’s high”, but it is enough of a boost that, with the Wellbutrin, I am feeling more like myself.

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