Recovery update: And then there was one

Yesterday, I had my last in-person psychiatrist visit for who knows how long. We will be switching to remote communication methods until the CDC advises otherwise. At the appointment, we agreed that I am progressing well enough to drop the Prozac altogether. For the first time in four years, today I am fluoxetine free! It’s been a tough road. I’m not sleeping great these days, but it’s impossible to say whether that is the medication taper or the result of life in general right now.

For the next two weeks, I’m going to stay with the 300mg per day of Wellbutrin (i.e., bupropion) and then we will evaluate whether we continue with the taper. I’d like to get off of medication completely so I can find out what my current baseline state is, but I also know that I need to take it slowly and make sure I remain stable in my recovery.

For now, I’m celebrating having reached another milestone in my process of achieving wellness.

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