On chain

An interesting feature of Web3 is that it allows software developers to build in public. Building in public in the context of Web3 refers to creating and sharing the development process and progress of a project online, being transparent about the ideas, challenges, and milestones of the project, as well as engaging with the community for feedback and collaboration.

In simpler terms, it’s like showing your work to others as you create something, like a piece of art or a recipe. By sharing your progress and ideas publicly, you can get feedback, suggestions, and support from others who are interested in your project. This can help improve your project and build a community around it.

I was listening to a live cast yesterday featuring the founders of new Web3 platforms and products. One of them talked about the criticism he’s received on his built-in-public work. Although some commentary has been encouraging and helpful, much of it has been harsh and unkind. When asked why he remained willing to put make himself vulnerable as a creator he responded, “I don’t mind being seen trying.” That line resonated with me.

I’ve been asked why I’m willing to put my journey with mental health out in public, to struggle and recover transparently. Before, I didn’t have the words to articulate it. Now, I do.

I don’t mind being seen trying. I hope that others will feel inspired to try too.

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