Across the universe

I miss seeing my friends. Quarantine and social distancing mean that even the people who live near me are out of reach. Those in different hemispheres might as well be on Mars. Being able to chat over video helps, but it isn’t the same. In some cases, I know it will likely be years before I see certain of my friends again.

As I tumble forward in this new normal, unsure of what will come next, I find myself acutely aware of just how much time and distance there is between my present and a future that resembles the past. At the same time, I am also more certain that it will come to pass. I’ve felt very uncertain, and consequently anxious, over the last few months about whether I will ever travel again and see my friends in person. It’s dramatic, but the despondency has felt real.

Now, I live with the tension of knowing that it is raining but that the sun will come out. Hope is what keeps me reaching.

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  1. I hear you–I miss seeing you and my other friends. I haven’t been more than 10 miles from my house in 6 months (and that’s only for doctor/dentist appointments). Looking forward to the day when our worlds can be bigger again.


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