Do you hear what I hear?

I was thrilled to see the Living Corporate podcast recognized by Forbes yesterday at the top of the list of recommendations for Black History Month and beyond. In addition to being a big fan of it’s co-founders and a two-time guest interviewer on the pod myself, I’m an evangelist for Living Corporate because it does something many multimedia platforms don’t. It amplifies the voices of underrepresented people at work. What does that mean, exactly? It means that, in much of Corporate America, the demographics of the workforce stand in stark contrast to those of the general population, particularly as you get closer to the top. Plenty of megaphones, real and metaphorical, exist for those in positions of power. Frequently, the same is not true for those in the minority.

It’s been confirmed for me that I’m far from alone in terms of my experience with depression. Using this blog, and leveraging my professional and personal networks, I’ve been able to create the beginnings of a platform to advance the discussion on mental health in the workplace.

But, it can’t just be my voice. I’ve got to find ways I can turn up the volume for others.

Have ideas? Hit me up.

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  1. Would love to start a “Mental Health Mondays” podcast (or even better NPR radio show) modeled after Science Fridays on NPR. Interviews with providers and consumers, authors, updates on the latest research, etc. SO MANY TOPICS that the average person with mental health issues (which is everybody at one point or another) would find really helpful.


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