Film at eleven

One of the consulting projects I’m working on right now involves the creation of short explainer videos that educate the watcher about a topic relevant to the company. Although I’m not responsible for creating the final version (there are talented designers for that, thankfully), I’m creating the underlying content and narrative, which means that I have to make a rough prototype. The purpose of my draft video is to give the designers direction and a sense of the look and feel we are going for.

It’s a humbling process, as I clumsily click and move pictures and text around the screen, adding my voiceover and then adjusting to get the timing to align. This isn’t anything I’ve ever studied in school. I’m entirely self-taught via YouTube instructional videos.

And it’s something I’m proud of myself for doing. The feedback has been very positive, because the substance is there. The form just needs some professional help.

As someone who has spent an inordinate amount of her life worrying about form, whether it be body image or professional status, it’s refreshing to focus on what lies beneath, what really matters.


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