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It’s a curious thing which posts elicit feedback. Generally, most of the people who read this blog seem not to be WordPress users, meaning that I receive comments from them through text, email/Contact page, or sometimes Twitter. It’s funny to me how some of the things I think will generate the most response are met with crickets. In contrast, other pieces that I don’t feel are particularly insightful often resonate with people in unexpected ways.

I’d be interested in knowing what you might like to read from me.

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  1. Hi Liz, Big Hugs. I miss getting to occasionally give you a call. So, to your question, i’m reminded of one of the great movies in my opinion (probably the only one) with Peter Sellers in it called “Being There”. It’s the story of Chancy the gardner at a posh estate in the US, again a simple gardener. The owner of the estate as a function with the US president in attendance and the Presidient has a chance encounter with Chancy. He completely misreads Chancy’s comments about being a time for everything, a time to plant, a time to nurture, an time to harvest ect…. as the President thinks Chancy’s talking about the very complex US economy… very profound. Chancy’s comments are so bland and vanilla in nature, all people begin to conclude he is so bloody “deep” he has to make his comments simple for everyone to understand. But Chancy is just a simple gardener offering is thoughts and observantions on various things he sees. Again, all taken to be very, very deep.
    You’ve done a lot, seen a lot from a lot of different places, so your “deep thoughts” as a “Chancy the Gardener” would be interesting, which could someday be put in the form of a book, “interesting thoughts/experiences from interesting conversations (such as very interesting comments from a cab driver/black-cab in London), or something you saw ect…stimulation of memories and then commentary like Chancy the Gardener…


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