Branching out

My mind is coming back to me and it’s in overdrive. The ideas I’ve been unable to ruminate on for the last many months have emerged, demanding attention. My concentration is still spotty, so these thoughts continue to spin in my head until I can catch them, like the Golden Snitch.

I explained it to my psychiatrist today this way: normally, ideas bounce around my head like a pinball machine. However, the current state of affairs is closer to an aggressive game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. My doctor’s suggestion was to begin jotting these thoughts down and, perhaps, addressing them more fully in writing when I’m ready. It’s a good idea and I want to take it up.

Since I already have a regular writing practice (i.e., this blog), it seems natural that I should use this medium as part of this new practice. There is an abundance of material in my head, all of it I find interesting, but I’d love it if I could use this exercise as a way to speak to topics that are of interest to those (brilliant, beautiful) people who read my ramblings.

So, I’m putting it out there: what would you be interested in hearing about?

A few of the subject areas floating around include behavioral economics (why people make the choices that they do given the decision frameworks they have), organizational leadership (how people in groups influence others and make decisions), and organizational behavior (how people function in groups).

If the answer is that I’m the only one really fascinated by this stuff, that’s cool too. But, if you are interested, drop me a note through the Contact page or leave a comment below.

p.s. I’m also happy to take questions about my experiences with depression and recovery.


  1. It’s your blog. Post whatever you want. I have done ever since you gave me my blog nine years ago. I care whether people read my stuff, but I won’t change what I write to suit anyone but me.


  2. These three all fascinate me. I read about how my brain works and others all the time. If you’re going pick up just one of these topics, I’d be interested most in organizational leadership.


  3. I love your writing and all three topics interest me so I’m down for any one of them or all three! Pick the one you wake up thinking about 🙂


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