Recovery update: Houston, we have a plan

When we last left our hero, she had just concluded that her existing psychiatric care was not serving her and that she needed to make a switch. She got a referral from her new therapist, but would she be able to schedule an appointment soon? Would the new psychiatrist be supportive of her mental health goals? Would Jerk Brain further attempt to sabotage her plans? Find out now!

I met with my new psychiatrist for the first time yesterday. I liked her immediately. She’s engaged and insightful. She agreed that we need to take a fresh look at my medication regime. The first step is for me to start tapering off the Prozac and Wellbutrin in tandem. So, today, I’m at 60mg of Prozac a day, down from 80mg. For the moment, we are going to keep the Wellbutrin as it is, because it’s unwise to make too many changes at once. I should have a sense by Friday if I’m having an adverse reaction to the decreased dose, but my fingers are crossed.

It’s a new day.

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