Head of the class

About 15 months ago, I entered a new season in my career. After years in finance-focused professional services, I took a leap and joined an edtech start up. Last month, the company went on indefinite hiatus. Although it is a pretty significant event for me, it isn’t the same shock to the system that I experienced when I left consulting. I

’m fortunate in that this isn’t a crisis for me. Nor is it necessarily a bump in the road. I have arrived at a crossroads and down each path I can take are great possibilities and unknown-as-of-now challenges. It’s inviting me into a place of experimentation and iteration.

Starting this Friday (and for the subsequent two Fridays following), I’m going to be teaching a 3-part course for LifeBound. LifeBound helps students of all ages, stages, and backgrounds achieve personal and professional success.

The class will equip business people and faculty members to support students and recent graduates in sharpening their employment skills by mastering powerful questions, navigating ambiguity, designing their future, and unleashing their power to make their dreams a reality. Coaching is the key to self-management, self-motivation, and effective relationships.

I can’t wait.

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