Back in the Bayou City

I’m genuinely happy to be home with my family. Last night after dinner, we ate some of the Tim Tams I brought back from Australia (choc mint flavor) and I snuggled the delightful creatures I still consider my babies, despite their rapidly turning into young women before my eyes. The dog has curled up on the couch by my feet and is snoring like a contented freight train.

My daughters had a very specific shopping list for me.

As I said to my therapist this afternoon (because who doesn’t get off a 15-hour international flight and go straight to cognitive behavioral therapy?), there is a lot for me to think about, consider, reflect on, ponder, and analyze about my trip. I have a good sense of where I need to go next in terms of working on myself. However, as we both agreed, there is also time for me to just enjoy being in a place I feel loved. Right now, that’s exactly what I need to do.


  1. This may be your best of all posts. Taking time to be loved. You have not been the best about taking time. I look forward to hearing you were bored. So proud of you. Good work.


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