Not that kind of doctor

About 20 months ago, I started my PhD in psychology, focusing on organizational leadership. I have been fascinated by the science behind the way humans behave in groups, since I took organizational behavior as part of my MBA. Tomorrow, I get to present some of my work for the first time in an academic setting.

This morning I went for a long run in a big loop down and across the river. I didn’t think about the distance ahead of time, just the general route and the idea that if I needed to stop, I could. Before I knew it, I’d logged over five miles. Weather-wise, Brisbane’s winter is similar to Houston’s, in that it features fairly warm temperatures, humidity, and the kind of rain that doesn’t hurt to run in. It was here, in June 2015, that I started running, in remarkably similar conditions, warm rain. There’s something about being here that feels like coming full circle. It’s like my energy is returning.

My route this morning.

My presentation is ready to go. I’ve double-checked my references. I’m excited and slightly nervous. Here goes…

At the end of my run in the Botanical Gardens.


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